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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Liverpool and The Wirral

Over the last few years the stigma attached to smoking has increased. You only have to go into any bar or restaurant, or see the “No Smoking” signs all over public transport, to know that society wants you to stop smoking. People are talking about giving up smoking in Liverpool and giving in smoking in Wirral today, its big news and there is huge pressure.

You know the health risks and your doctor may advise you to stop smoking due to a current or potential illness. Even if he or she doesn’t directly advise you to stop smoking, the waiting rooms of every practice will be littered with literature about the latest methods to stop smoking and the dangers if you don’t. It is understood that smokers cost the National Health Service millions each year. So the medical profession wants you to stop smoking.  Your doctor may even be suggesting that you contact a Hypnotherapist to stop smoking.  The medical profession has now recognized that Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is one of the most successful methods.

And people are stopping smoking in the thousands, people throughout the UK are stopping and people are stopping smoking in Liverpool today.  People are giving up smoking in Liverpool today although the expression “giving up smoking” is somewhat misleading as you only “give up” something important and possibly pleasurable.  The leading stop smoking hypnotherapist in Liverpool who is now also a hypnotherapist in Wirral will be able to explain why this distinction is so significant!

There are now adverts on TV designed specifically to make parents feel guilty about their habit. They show young vulnerable children talking to camera about their fears of losing a parent due to smoking. So if would seam that our children want us to stop smoking.

And you may tell yourself “Why should I let big brother tell me how to live my life?” Or that “you have paid taxes and national insurance contributions for years and anyway you know people who smoke that lived to be 100.” Or you may be just waiting for the right time to stop smoking. After the holidays, after the interview, when you have less stress in your life.

But these are all excuses for not stopping smoking now. The real reason you are delaying is fear.

  • Will you be able to keep in control?
  • How will you handle stress?
  • How will you cope with the trauma of giving up your addiction?
  • How will you break the habit?
  • And most importantly, will you succeed?

One important thing to remember that being a smoker has made you very strong willed! This is where psychotherapy combined with hypnosis steps in and leads you on the road to success of being free of your addiction.

Hypnosis for stopping smoking is hugely pleasurable and very successful. At Merseyside Hypnotherapy you are in the capable hands of a Liverpool Hypnotherapist who was once a smoker.  Maria understands they psychology of a smoker from the perceptive of a professional and a sufferer and this gives a unique insight. At Merseyside Hypnotherapy a leading Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy practice in Liverpool you will be in very capable and compassionate hands.

Over a short period of time, often as little as two sessions* you could be transformed into a happy and positive non-smoker.

For more information about hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Liverpool or hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Wirral please contact the Liverpool Hypnotherapist now on 07715 579156.

Services include: Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Liverpool and Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Wirral.

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*Disclaimer. As people vary, so will the result for all therapy, and no positive results can be guaranteed. Any reference to possible therapeutic outcome and length of treatment should only be taken as a guideline or example.

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