Positive Body 10 Session Programme.

If you are looking for an empathetic hypnotherapist to help you lose weight in Liverpool or a professional to help with weight loss in the Wirral continue reading. If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Liverpool or a Hypnotherapist in Wirral who is committed to helping you reach your goal and target weight you are on the right page.


Some people might think that a 10 session programme to help a client lose weight is excessive especially when other therapist offer weight loss programmes that consist of one or two sessions. These people might actually have a point as research has proven that it is possible to help some people make major changes in a very short period of time.


However for some people they might need more help as their obstacles to success might take more than two sessions to resolve. They might also require on-going support during what is a transformation process which in itself can be challenging.


This programme is an investment and a commitment.  It isn’t for everyone but for the people that take part the sessions can cover the following:



Self Esteem

Comfort Eating

Boredom Eating

Binge Eating

Habit Eating

Sugar addiction

Exercise Motivation

Positive Body Image

Expect the best

Achieve Success


Each programme is tailored to meet the unique requirement of the client as all clients are unique. Session are weekly and supported by hypnotherapy recording for each session. You will not be weighed.


The therapist has experience not only of suffering from a negative body image but letting food control her life. She had to learn from scratch how to have a healthy relationship with food which was something that didn't come naturally to her. Maria is empathetic in the extreme when it comes to weight control issues and is a living testament that this programme works.


Due to the duration and nature of this programme I only work with a small number of people at any given time so places are limited.

*Disclaimer. As people vary, so will the result for all therapy, and no positive results can be guaranteed. Any reference to possible therapeutic outcome and length of treatment should only be taken as a guideline or example.