Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking with Merseyside Hypnotherapy is quite a complex process because people's relationship with their cigarettes is complex.  This is the reason that I require 2 sessions of over 90 mins to eliminate their desire to smoke.

The programme doesn't focus on the reasons why a person shouldn't smoke because all smokers know this already.  As one client pointed out he could actually lecture on the reasons not to smoke possibly better than I could.  However these reasons haven't stopped him lighting up they just make him feel bad about doing so.

Most smokers face the following daily dilemma "I want a cigarette but I know I shouldn't have one".  It's not easy being a smoker and it requires incredible willpower.  Smokers are very strong minded intervals.  Weak willed individual don't stand outside in all weather often separated from their friends if in a social situation so they can pollute their lungs.

Smoking isn't about being sociable anymore.  It's now considered anti-social behaviour so potentially the smokers who lacked commitment and the "social smokers" have now given up smoking as it became to difficult to continue.  Today's smokers are strong willed and stubborn individuals who are unlikely to do as they are told just because someone has told them even under hypnosis.  For this reason direct or suggestion based hypnotherapy will not be very effective.  Merseyside Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Programme doesn't involve direct suggestion basically because there are better and more effective methods.  Maria the hypnotherapist is an ex-smoker and "traditional one session hypnotherapy that focussed on reinforcing what she already knew never worked.

However removing all reasons to smoke did.

And one final misconception that I hear time and time again is that people will stop smoking when they really want to.   I would like to reassure anyone who thinks this way that is not the case.  In a smokers mind there is unlikely to be an ideal time to stop smoking as it is something they actually would like to continue doing.  Part of the therapists role is to help the client stop wanting to smoke.

For more information regarding how Merseyside Hypnotherapy can help people Stop Smoking in Liverpool or Stop Smoking in Wirral please contact Maria Charnock on 07715 579156.

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