Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

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The most common question that I am asked when anyone enquires about the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme is "will it work"?  And I will explain that losing weight is one of the easiest things that a person can do.  In fact people are losing weight without any effort all over the world today.  Losing weight is easier than learning to drive, using a computer and passing any academic examination.  Successful weight loss isn't dependant on IQ or skill and can be accomplished by people without any formal education or knowledge of calories or diets.


So then why are we in the middle of an obesity epidemic?  Why people who are intelligent are, well informed individuals struggling with this simple act?  It's an interesting question and one that I answer in detail on the weight loss programme.  The answer to this question has a lot to do with our beliefs about our ability and how we see ourselves.


As mentioned above I believe that losing weight is easier than learning to drive a car which requires a great deal of effort.  Although I have held my driving license for over 20 years I still remember that learning to drive was not a pleasant experience. In fact I recall it being, unpleasant, difficult, frustrating, embarrassing, time consuming and expensive.  However I stuck with it as did the majority of the people I know and they all agree to a greater and lesser extent about how awful learning to drive was.


So why do people preserver with their driving lessons because so many people do year after year and generation after generation.  How are people able to do what is required to be successful even when it is so difficult.


Having questioned people about this matter I have discovered something that I consider interesting and significant.  There appears to be two things that drivers have in common and they are as follows:


Firstly they really wanted to drive because driving meant something very important to them.  They had a clear imagine in their mind about what they would do, where they would go and who would be with them when they went to the places they wanted to go. People mentioned that having a driving licence and being able to drive would improve their lives in very specific ways.  For example it would mean they could apply for a job that they wouldn't previously have been able to apply for.  Take their friends or girlfriend out for the day easily.  Plus people spoke about independence, freedom and choice.


Secondly the non driver believed totally and completely that learning to drive would be inevitable after they had taken lessons.


The reason why I am writing about learning to drive is because I feel that this experience will be familiar to the majority of the people who visit this site.  It is a clear example of what human beings are capable off achieving if the goal is important to them and they believe it is possible.


Without exception all of my clients wishing to loss weight prior to commencing the weight loss programme believe that losing weight is difficult and have no clear image of what their life will be like when they are the weight they wish to be. These are the first two barriers that are overcome in the first of the three sessions.


So if this has sparked an interest and you want to hear more please give me a call or drop me a line.


If you are interested in Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Liverpool or Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Wirral. The number to contact is 07715 579156

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