Getting over an Ex.

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The end of a relationship is always painful even if you are the person who has made the difficult decision. However that pain can be for some people nearly unbearable especially if the decision was taken out of their hands and they are still very much in love with their ex partner.

If we lived in an ideal world this wouldn't ever happen.  We would never be dumped by someone that we loved.  We would never have to deal with this level of rejection, feel this loss or have our self image damage in such a way.

Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world and I personally have had to deal with this situation on more than one occasion. So has everyone that I know either socially or professionally.

Being attractive, intelligent, wealthy, humorous and generous does not give us immunity.  We are all vulnerable, it can happen to us all at any time and there may not be anything we could do or could have done to stop it.

You might think that when this happens some global or karmic balance might come into play and we can have the space that we need to heal. That we are given time to lick our wounds before we have to face the world and are ex. unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Often we are required to brush ourselves down and pick ourselves up and go to work, and act like competent mature adults.  Perhaps we may be given a little leeway if the relationship was a long one and children are involved but the world in general requires us to participate as normal.  ASAP.

To make matters worse we might even have to see our ex on a regular basis and it is frowned upon in work and in most social situations to burst into tears and shout and scream.  We have to behave with a level of dignity and reserve that we might not feel.

Our lives are so intertwined with the lives of others that it is normally impossible to have an instantaneous clean break.  We might live or work together, have shared friends and interests, joint finances or have children.  So for many people their ex is likely to still be in their life for some considerable time.  Even if a clean break is possible our ex can still be in our heads.

As bad as this might sound it can for some be even worse depending on the reason for the break up and what happened leading to the break up.  If you are dumped for someone else perhaps someone that you know or lies and deception where involved the pain can be immobilising.

So how would it feel if you just fell out of love with your ex?  Won't that be wonderful?

Well you can!

Imagine how you would feel if you could focus all you energy on making a great life for yourself.

Well you can!

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