Executive Stress Management

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Recently one of my former clients - whilst referring another of his colleagues to me for stress management - suggested that I formalise a standard solution that could be marketed for 'executive' clients.

His reasoning behind this suggestion was quite simple: he believed key executive personnel within any organisation could actually be more likely to be in situations that could result in stress, whilst being less likely to have peer support.  He also added that, due to the need to inspire confidence amongst others including employees, directors and shareholders, executives sometimes felt that it was impossible to even acknowledge that there was an issue, let alone take steps to address it.  Executive personnel therefore find themselves in a unique situation that requires a tailored, dedicated solution.

As a former "stress head" (my client's words, not mine) he knew that stress was a killer of his creative and strategic thinking, problem solving ability and business acumen.  In addition, he sought my services for stress management because he was able to acknowledge that stress wasn't just jeopardising his business and financial future but it was also damaging his health and his relationships with the people most important to him.  He worked long hours and his role involved frequent travel, which exacerbated the overall stress and feelings of isolation.  However, whilst acknowledging this situation he also believed that taking time away from his business would have far-reaching and negative consequences, so this was not an option for him.  My former client needed to address the stress in his life whilst continuing to function at a very high level because he needed to and other people needed him to.

My former client believed that his situation wasn't exceptional but more likely to be the norm for senior personnel working in the UK.  As a consequence, he believed that the service for stress management that he received could benefit a great many people.

I agreed with my former client when he stated that 'executive types' have unique requirements for a stress management solution, which is why I offer a bespoke solution and have done for many years. However, it is difficult to market a solution when discretion is a key element to its success, so I provide discreet, tailored support and coaching solutions to my clients that are flexible by necessity and a long way from being standard solutions.

If you would like to find out more about Stress Management solutions please contact Maria on 07715 579 156.

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