Advice for the people who have gained weight over Christmas

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I'm a Coach/Psychotherapist who is passionate about people living wonderful lives so I see having a slim and healthy body as hugely positive goal. To this aim if you have gained unwanted weight over Christmas I want to offer you some advice that has worked for me in the past and works for my clients regardless of their goals.

Firstly.  Relax about it.  When I say relax about weight gain this isn't me trivialising the issue.  I don't want you to think that I don't take weight related issues seriously because the opposite is true.  I know from a professional and personal perspective that being overweight can have a profound effect on our health, the way we see ourselves and our joy of living.  However I have never known a problem that can't be made worse by worrying about it. And as one of my trainers once said "you can't worry your way to a solution or a problem".

In fact isn't everything easier when we are relaxed from parallel parking to passing an examination? And when we worry or get stressed things that we can normally do with ease become difficult if not impossible. Worrying effectively drains the colour from our lives.  Plus stating the obvious doesn't worry and stress make us unhappy? And don't a lot of people overeat when they are unhappy and stressed.

People confuse being relaxed about achieving a goal with not caring and worrying about achieving a goal with caring.  This is a misconception that can cause us unnecessary difficulty and pain.  You don't need to worry about your weight as worry is never needed but you might want to start caring.  Caring about you, your weight, you health and happiness.  If you start caring about something don't we naturally look after it? So relax as most things are better and easier when we are relaxed.

Secondly. Invest in you.  Whatever route you decide to take to achieve your weight loss goal it will be easier and your chance of success greater if it enhances you day to day living. If whatever you decide to do can be seen as being positive or an investment in you.

What people sometimes forget is that we are human beings and programmed to survive.  In fact the primary function of your brain is to keep you alive. So quite simply if anything is perceived as being detrimental to your survival your brain or the unconscious part of the mind will stop it happening.  This is the reason why we often find it very difficult to deprive ourselves or even go without.  Punishing schedules, the no pain no gain philosophy to exercise is also difficult to maintain.  Even if you really want to get slim you seem to sabotage your best efforts. You are in a conflict situation with yourself.

However if the route that you choose to take involves you really looking after yourself and your body this supports the primary function of your brain. Therefore there will no conflict when you invest in you.

You might need to eat really well and do exercise that you enjoy.  You might need to make time for yourself and priorities your needs for a change.  And as a result you might find that something really wonderful happens to your confidence and your self-esteem in the process.  You might find that you feel really good about yourself.  And naturally the better you feel about yourself the easier it will be to look after yourself and the circle continues.

People think it is really difficult to gain a slim and healthy body but this is only the case if you make it difficult for yourself.  Perhaps you might not know how to make it easy for yourself and might even be confused by the myriad of weight loss information available.  If this is the case I am here to help. I do run a very successful Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme which changes people's relationship with food whilst building confidence and self-esteem.  Most of my former clients considered it to be a very good investment.

Have a very happy New Year.

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