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Executive Stress Management

Recently one of my former clients - whilst referring another of his colleagues to me for stress management - suggested that I formalise a standard solution that could be marketed for 'executive' clients.

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Why wait to lose weight?

Lots of wonderful things are associated with the festive season, including a vast array of enticing foods and even more opportunities to indulge. The supermarket shelves are stacked high with rich and luxurious goodies that seem to just find their way into our shopping trollies unconsciously.

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking with Merseyside Hypnotherapy is quite a complex process because people's relationship with their cigarettes is complex.  This is the reason that I require 2 sessions of over 90 mins to eliminate their desire to smoke.

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Getting over an Ex.

The end of a relationship is always painful even if you are the person who has made the difficult decision. However that pain can be for some people nearly unbearable especially if the decision was taken out of their hands and they are still very much in love with their ex partner.

Hypnotherapy in the Wirral

After numerous requests for Hypnotherapy in the Wirral and what seems like an age looking for suitable premises I am pleased to announce that Merseyside Hypnotherapy now has a practise in West Kirby.

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What are you really giving up when you give up smoking?

I make absolutely no secret of the fact I used to smoke. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of this fact. It was something that I did for a great many years and at one point I actually thought it was an integral part of my personality.

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Hypnotherapy in Liverpool- What to expect

I dislike making generalisations especially about people mainly because they can be by definition inaccurate and therefore useless or even dangerous.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

The most common question that I am asked when anyone enquires about the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme is "will it work"?  And I will explain that losing weight is one of the easiest things that a person can do.

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Advice for the people who have gained weight over Christmas

I live very much in the real world so I know that a lot of people gained weight over the festive season. It wasn't inevitable or a foregone conclusion that this would happen but for a lot of people it did.

New Offices in West Kirby

I have a well established therapy practice in Liverpool and over the last few years an increasing number of people from the Wirral area have travelled "across the water" for treatment.  In this regard I decided that it was about time I established a practice closer to home for both myself and my potential clients.