The Therapist

Maria always knew she wanted to be a Psychotherapist which was born from a desire to help people. However initially, Maria worked very successfully in the commercial world in roles that involved sales management, marketing, recruitment and training. She worked for some of the largest companies in the world often on projects that were worth millions of pounds.

She was able to deal with the challenges of working in a high pressure environment but still had the time to work as a therapist but only on a voluntary basis.

The death of her father after a long illness and the sudden death of her brother proved to be turning points in her life, and they played a key role in her making the life-changing decision to commit to full-time therapy work.

Maria reskilled in the latest techniques including NLP and Hypnotherapy because she knew that these methods brought quick and lasting results. Her desire was for people to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time-frame.

Since 2006 Maria has worked with 1000s of people in her private practise although she is still in demand as a business coach due to her wealth of commercial experience.

She is regarded as a natural people person. She has an amazing sense of humour and her sessions are more like training and coaching sessions than counselling sessions. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious, and it's evident that she has achieved many of her own goals by employing the same techniques she uses with her clients.

Maria is committed to her ongoing development and has trained to master status in both NLP and Hypnosis with the recognised world leaders in these techniques.

More Than Hypnotherapy was previously known as Merseyside Hypnotherapy and is a More Than Coaching company.


*Disclaimer. As people vary, so will the result for all therapy, and no positive results can be guaranteed. Any reference to possible therapeutic outcome and length of treatment should only be taken as a guideline or example.